I acknowledge and respect the ancestral lands of Australiaʼs First Peoples. Those who represent the oldest surviving living culture on the planet. I pay my respects to Elders past, present and future.


Everything I have accomplished has only been possible for the patience and unwavering support from all my family, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues and devoted teachers. I am forever grateful for the presence of so many amazing people and experiences in my life, traveling far and wide across the world on a rich and diverse journey of discovery. Thank you to everyone for contributing in the way you have. Thank you for your patience and compassion as I evolved.


Derived from the Celtic word 'dei' meaning: to shine. 

This name is also used as a Welsh diminutive of David. Other variations:  Dai, Day, Di, Die, Dye, Dia.

90 words

A traditional graffiti artist at heart

During the last three decades I have experimented with an extensive range of graffiti, street art, public art and other creative applications. I have worked in Australia and overseas producing a large body of work, gallery shows, collaborations and events, developed multiple businesses and learned a wide range of professional skills.

Painting, drawing and digital graphics are the most productive areas of my creative output. 

At present I am collaborating with local artists, creating digital graphics, producing large scale interior and exterior work in Canberra, Australia. 

My work

Street to gallery diversity

My work includes large scale art installations, street art and graffiti, illustration, graphic art, prints, signage, graffiti removal and vandalism management. I have worked on a range of surfaces and media, including vehicles, vans and buses, trucks and motorcycles, roller doors, guitar cases, glass windows and other random and unusual surfaces. I specialise in producing custom art and large scale graphic installations to hospitality venues, bars, restaurants, commercial offices and residential spaces. I take pride in using only the highest quality products in my work.  

A brief overview of my work:

  • Raw material work, all tactile mediums, charcoal, pencil, ink, paints and other physical markings usually onto other tactile surfaces, paper, walls, canvas, textiles, masonry, wood, metal, glass and the list goes on.
  • Digital works usually developed for print or screen. 
  • Projections, live art performances, events and interactive productions are an evolving aspect of my work. 
  • Commissions and custom art
  • Solo work and collaborations

If you have a project mind please contact me, I am more than happy to discuss projects, creative ideas and process. 

Thank you